Lab 3: Protoboard Circuit + Interactive Object Idea


1 protoboard section

2 LED’s

2 lengths of wire

2 220 ohm resistors

Pictured below is my soldered parallel circuit.

My interactive object is inspired by the night sky. White LED’s in particular make me think of days gone by when I could go sit outside and look at the stars right in my backyard, rather than drive miles and miles into the mountains to see them the same way.

This leads to my idea for a functionally souped-up version of glow-in-the-dark stars kids used to stick to their ceilings and admire after the lights were off. I was certainly a fan of those as a kid myself, but now the benefit is two-fold: twinkling lights are magical, in a way much more like stars than glow-in-the-dark plastic, and they can act as a kind of surrogate when a drive deep into the mountains just isn’t possible.

I want this object to change based on environment. It will be a lightboard with light sensors, that detect the amount of light in the room and give an estimate of the time of year, and light a pattern of stars based on what the sky looks like around that time. I think it would work best to have a loop based on how much light it’s given during the day: a lot lights a lot of “stars” at night, a little, well, just a few stars.

An aspect I think would be interesting is to make it portable, so it can be transferred from room to room.


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