Project 1 Proposal

For our first project, I want to create an multi-user listening experience. I want a server to hold a “listening room” containing a new song, and have as many users as see fit all hook on and experience the new song together based on the mood that fits them best.

Both on mobile and in a desktop browser, I want it to look like a little music venue. Based on the very brief survey each “player” takes (very brief because of my own limitations on how much data I think I could compile) it will choose a song for the group of listeners to tune into. I’m thinking I’ll include like 5 or so songs so it’s feasible to create, and then leaves room to expand upon in the future.

Let’s say the mood that fits the players best is indie pop (or whatever it may be). Then, the listening room opens, and each player is put into the same room with the new song, with the title and artist displayed on stage.

I am constantly looking for something new to listen to, and I think there is little more powerful than experiencing music with other people, so I think this is a good mix of those two things. It also harnesses our and node material, as well as sound.


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