Lab 7: DC & Stepper Motors


  • Arduino Uno
  • Solderless breadboard
  • Hookup wire
  • 10KΩ resistor
  • Pushbutton switch
  • H-bridge
  • DC motor
  • Stepper motor

DC Motor Circuit:

I struggled to complete this circuit originally, I believe because of differences between the SparkFun RedBoard and the Arduino Uno. Once I switched my circuit over to the Uno, I encountered no issue and was able to get the DC motor to spin different directions according to the position of the momentary switch.

DC motor code.png


Throughout this lab, I have been trying to better conceptualize when it would be best to use a servo versus a DC versus a stepper motor.

Stepper Motor Circuit:




For whatever reason, the above code only worked to get the stepper to complete a full turn by changing the RPM to 10.


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