Project 2: Contemporary Mood Ring


  • Servo Motor
  • 1 white LED
  • Jumper wires
  • 1 330Ω resistor
  • Arduino Pro Micro
  • Acrylic plate
  • Your best emoji drawing skills


*This process will begin with the Servo motor I ended up using, rather than the varying iterations involving DC motors.

  1. Build a circuit connecting a Servo motor and white LED in series to an Arduino. I used the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit hookup guide, pictured below, and then added the LED after.Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 11.48.16 PM.png



  2. Then I adjusted my code in order to make the servo spin, stop briefly, and then turn the other direction, since it can only turn 180 degrees. IMG_2821IMG_2825
  3. After that, I got help on the laser cutter to create the plate, pictured below:IMG_2853.JPGIMG_2854.JPG
  4. I painted the plate as a whole black, and then colored the individual circles in order to create the emojis.
  5. After that, I soldered the Servo motor to the Arduino ProMicro, along with the LED, and attached them to the shirt.IMG_2849IMG_2851


I struggled HARD with the drone DC motor I started out with. I think in the end it was a power issue. I know that DC motors are fairly hearty, so I didn’t think it could be that I overloaded it or something. Accordingly, I continually tweaked my code and didn’t really address the power problem I think was at the root. I switched to a normal DC motor, and that worked fine, but the spin/stop I could get running was almost too haphazard. I switched to a Servo motor, as it sits now, but in retrospect, a stepper would have been my best bet.

Here is my code:


Final Statement:

This is intended to be a modern take on the classic mood ring. I think that emotion, more often than we care to admit, is spastic and and haphazard and out of our hands, which is precisely what this is intended to communicate. The emojis make light of that. By using a cultural icon that my generation seems to often use as a substitute for genuinely expressing emotion, and having it spin at random and without any input of the user allows for a multitude of understandings all within the same vein. To some, it may show that one can experience numerous emotions at once. My original intent was to convey that we aren’t in control of our emotions, even if we think we are, but that could be taken in different ways. I think it simultaneously expresses the fluid, turbulent nature of emotion and the frequent failure of mankind to express it or even try to.



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