Final Project Proposal

I want to build an interface that directs a group of users to a playlist on YouTube based on their combined data.

I’m going to lay out a BuzzFeed style quiz with 5 or so questions, and using the data pulled from the answers of each user, direct them to a YouTube page based on their music preference at the time. I love music, and I think music is best enjoyed by people together, but I think it’s also hard to choose something that everyone will enjoy or even that will suit the mood of a given group situation. A lot of the time, I consider myself some sort of DJ, and then find that maybe only 30% of the audience I’m playing music for is really in the mood to listen to what I’ve chosen. So, I want this to be a site where a group of friends can all log on, either on mobile or desktop, put in a few answers about the kind of mood they’re in, and be directed to a playlist that works for everyone and no one was forced into choosing. I want to personally create 5 different YouTube playlists (since they cycle through automatically, and then continue onto similar songs when the playlist ends, so it can be more infinite and keep the site speedy since the playlists won’t be housed on the backend).

This is exactly what I would want to see made using real-time web, because it combines interpersonal communication with love for music with being together, and allows everyone to get a say in all three of these things digitally.

Admittedly, I don’t have a lot of ideas about how to produce this technically. I know I would have to build a survey using JavaScript that would gather data using numbers associated with answers in an array, and provide a combined solution based on the final number produced, but that’s about all I got. Luckily, I’m going into office hours with Arielle on Thursday and she said she’d help me figure out what parts I need to get up and running 🙂


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