Final Project: Fidget Cube

Materials: SparkFun ProMicro microcontroller Rocker switch (2) Thumb joystick Button pad 2×2 LilyPad Vibe Board Transfer ball bearing SparkFun thumb joystick breakout Process: In order to have really intuitive, responsive inputs and outputs, I started by brainstorming different possibilities, and also researching different components that would provide feedback just to get ideas. Below is my brainstorm

Lab 7: DC & Stepper Motors

Materials: Arduino Uno Solderless breadboard Hookup wire 10KΩ resistor Pushbutton switch H-bridge DC motor Stepper motor DC Motor Circuit: I struggled to complete this circuit originally, I believe because of differences between the SparkFun RedBoard and the Arduino Uno. Once I switched my circuit over to the Uno, I encountered no issue and was able

Project 1 Proposal

Comfort Bear For my first project, I’d like to create something that is a mix of nostalgic and futuristic. I’m remembering the days when stuffed animals were treated like dear friends, and a source of true comfort, and I want to make that a little bit digital, and a little bit more helpful for adults.

Lab 5: Potentiometers

Materials: Solderless Breadboard and hookup wire Arduino microcontroller module & USB connector LEDs of different colors 560 ohm (or anything from 220 to 1K) and 10 Kilohm resistors 10Kohm potentiometer 2 Variable Resistors Part 1: For part 1, I built a circuit using a red LED and a 330 Ω resistor, connected to the Arduino