Final Project: Fidget Cube

Materials: SparkFun ProMicro microcontroller Rocker switch (2) Thumb joystick Button pad 2×2 LilyPad Vibe Board Transfer ball bearing SparkFun thumb joystick breakout Process: In order to have really intuitive, responsive inputs and outputs, I started by brainstorming different possibilities, and also researching different components that would provide feedback just to get ideas. Below is my brainstorm

Lab 8: Serial Communication

For this lab, we worked on making the Processing IDE and Arduino IDE “shake hands” through serial communication. The first part of it was to create an environment in which the Arduino could read and and write data from two potentiometers (or other analog sensors of some kind). Next, we set up our Processing code to

Lab 7: DC & Stepper Motors

Materials: Arduino Uno Solderless breadboard Hookup wire 10KΩ resistor Pushbutton switch H-bridge DC motor Stepper motor DC Motor Circuit: I struggled to complete this circuit originally, I believe because of differences between the SparkFun RedBoard and the Arduino Uno. Once I switched my circuit over to the Uno, I encountered no issue and was able

Lab 6: Servo Motors and PWM

Part 1: Materials: Solderless Breadboard and hookup wire Arduino microcontroller module & USB connector 10KΩ resistors Flex sensor (or a different form of variable resistor) RC Servomotor For the first part of this lab, I had to create a circuit that would connect to the Arduino microcontroller in order to control a Servo motor. In

Project 1 Proposal

Comfort Bear For my first project, I’d like to create something that is a mix of nostalgic and futuristic. I’m remembering the days when stuffed animals were treated like dear friends, and a source of true comfort, and I want to make that a little bit digital, and a little bit more helpful for adults.

Lab 5: Potentiometers

Materials: Solderless Breadboard and hookup wire Arduino microcontroller module & USB connector LEDs of different colors 560 ohm (or anything from 220 to 1K) and 10 Kilohm resistors 10Kohm potentiometer 2 Variable Resistors Part 1: For part 1, I built a circuit using a red LED and a 330 Ω resistor, connected to the Arduino